XDPM/II-50N Water Sports Life Vest

Performance & Features:

XDPM/II-50N is a nice-looking water sports Life vest, which is suitable for most scenes in water. Whether you enjoy ocean, inland waterway navigation, water sports, fishing and hunting., this life vest is suitable for you.

It is designed to keep you afloat. It is manufactured from 300D Oxford outer material, as well as featuring poly webbing, which has a high gripping strength and is water-resistant, and boasting an EPE foam interior.

It has been tested to EN ISO 12402-5 standard, offering buoyancy of 50N. Boasting a front zip, 3 adjustable buckle straps, crotch strap and whistle, you can rely on it. This water sports life vest is available in a wide range of sizes.

Attention Point:

  1. Wear the life vest correctly, close the zipper, and fasten the belt, tighten as much as possible until secure and feel comfortable.
  2. Before use, please check carefully whether it is damaged
  3. Check whether any light-emitting belts on the water sports life vests are stained. If so, wipe with a dry towel or cloth.
  4. It needs to be stored in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight, fire, sharp objects and corrosive substances.
  5. After use, dry it naturally in a well ventilated and cool environment. Do not machine wash, tumble dry or use hard brushes.
  6. If it has irreparable damage, please replace it with a new one.

XDPM/II Water Sports Life Vest Size Chart:

SizeLengthShoulder WidthChest Cir.WeightHeight

Available Colors

FAQ Guide About Water Sports Life Vest

Here’s the most efficient yet awaited guide about water sports life vests!

The following guide for water sports life vest can help you check for the qualities to see in a life vest for water sports.

It will guide you about the correct type of PFD used, especially in water sports.

It will keep you updated about the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of the water sports life vests. You don’t have to bother about the questions since we will answer all your queries.

The water sports life vest’s maintenance, working, and lifespan are all explained in the following guide.

1. What is a water sports life vest?

A water sports life vest is a type of personal floatation device.

It is a floatation suit that provides buoyancy aid to keep the user afloat on the water’s surface.

Water sports life vests are specially designed in such a way that they support the person in specific water conditions.

They are helpful in different water sports such as surfing, water skiing, kayaking, boating, etc.

It has found equal use among children and adults who play various sports in the water.

Their primary function is to provide support and ultimate comfort to the people. It also provides a never-ending safety from the water bodies.

It comes in the form of a suit that you can wear underneath your clothes to get rid of all hazards that you can encounter during water games.

It ensures the player’s safety.

Figure 1 A Water Sports Life Vest
Figure 1: A Water Sports Life Vest

2. How does a water sports life vest work?

Like any other water sports life vest, a water sports life vest works by increasing the weight of the person wearing it.

In this way, a special material is integrated into it that increases its buoyancy in the water.

The air trapped in the spaces also increases this property of the vest.

When the player is in water bodies, he must maintain his balance correctly while enjoying the sports.

A water sports life vest helps him stay safe while enjoying.

It does not give any exceptional help in sports but ensures protection in an accident.

The prominent low density of the jacket is because of the presence of air or specialized material in it.

This increased density difference in the jacket keeps the body keeps floating on the water’s surface if the person somehow loses balance and is endangered to drowning.

Water sports life vests never guarantee 100% safety, but it multiplies the chances of survival many times.

However, it can be a good option if the player is trained to use the life vest and knows how to tackle emergencies.

3. What type of PFD is used as a water sports life vest?

PFD is now available in a wide range of options out there.

All of them have different shapes and serve other purposes.

If you are specifically looking for a water sport PFD, you should select a suitable floatation device.

TYPE V is one of the various types of personal floatation devices specifically designed for water sports.

These devices are made for special activities like windsurfing, water skiing, and kayaking.

The players can use them in certain specific conditions only.

The water sports life vests might be deck suits, work vests, board-sailing vests, and many others.

The interesting fact about these types of life vests is that some of them are auto-inflatable.

It means that they inflate automatically as soon as they enter the water.

Most of them are not too bulky, and they have a small amount of inbuilt buoyancy.

They have an inflatable chamber, and you should wear it underway to be acceptable.

Figure 2 Type V life vest for water sports
Figure 2: Type V Life Vest for Water Sports

4. Can you survive with a water sports life vest if a tsunami comes?

A water sports life vest can make sure that you reach the seashore faster, but it cannot save your life from emergencies like a tsunami.

Usually, due to the increased pressure of tsunami, animals, and humans can’t bear the weight of the water.

Thus, one way by which you can overcome tsunami is to wear all possible safety vests and other accessories when visiting the beach areas.

A water sports life vest can protect you from all kinds of hazards or the limb losses that you can go through when playing water games, especially when you are indulged in a sport.

But when you get your hands on the life vest, it will save you from crushing during the tsunami.

We would still suggest you stay away from rough waters if you are fond of doing water sports.

Waves are good for surfing, but they can be life-threatening in case of a tsunami.

Figure 3 Use of Water Sports Life Vest in Extreme Waves
Figure 3: Use of Water Sports Life Vest in Extreme Waves

5. How long does a water sports life vest work properly?

A water sports life span is not the same as that of the other accessories that you use in your routine life.

Besides this, many manufacturers say that the estimated duration of a water sports life vest is ten years if it is kept properly.

The factors that can reduce the lifespan of a life vest include bruises, cuts, wear, and tear, whereas the factors like proper care and maintenance can improve the life span of any water sports life vest.

The use of a water sports life vest in rough water conditions like freezing water can also reduce its life.

However, if you use your water sports life vest with complete care and make sure that it dries before storing it in a place, you can use it for ten consecutive years without demanding any repairs.

Proper maintenance and careful storage can keep it from falling prey to any fungus or other potential damage.

Figure 4 Ideal Water Sports Life Vests
Figure 4: Ideal Water Sports Life Vests

6. What is the primary purpose of using a water sports life vest?

A water sports life vest is designed to make you stay safe from mishaps while you enjoy your games in the water.

Its primary purpose is to keep you floating on the surface, not drowning.

A life vest is used for floatation purposes, but many other uses exist.

It can assist you in many water sports such as skiing, kayaking, and even swimming.

When you’re wearing a water sports life vest, your face will be in the upside direction all the time.

In this way, you can keep all your respiratory entrance pathways out of water for a consistent oxygen supply to your lungs.

Although the sportspersons are adequately trained to deal with any mishap, life vests can still be necessary to keep them safe.

However, the primary use is the easy rescue of an unconscious person.

Figure 5 Rescuing of An Unconscious Person Wearing Life Vest
Figure 5: Rescuing of An Unconscious Person Wearing Life Vest

7. What are the typical characteristics of a good water sports life vest?

Generally, life vests are available easily in the market.

When you select one, you have to be very careful about the quality.

Especially when you have to buy a water sports life vest, you have to take extreme care of the best quality.

The wide variety often leaves people bewildered, but here are some of the qualities that you must see before buying the water sports life vest.

  • The water sports vest should be available with a comfortable fit
  • The Cost-guard must approve the vest
  • The outlook of the water sports life jacket must be elegant and new
  • It should not cause the wearer to feel suffocated or uncomfortable
  • The jacket should be efficient enough to keep your chin and arms out of the water.
Figure 6 an ideal life vest
Figure 6: an ideal life vest

8. Is it possible that a water sports life vest fails to work?

Yes, a water sports life vest can stop working sometimes.

The person wearing a water sports life vest also comes with the chance to get drowned in the water.

But, keep in mind that it would occur only under harsh water conditions and if you did not check the water sports life vest before going on board.

Even if there is even a tiny puncture in the water sports life vest, it might become a significant reason for drowning a person.

Moreover, the rough weather conditions and frigid water or filters can make a person drown even if he is wearing a water sports life vest.

Water sports life vests do not guarantee complete safety, but they only turn the odds in your favor.

When you’re wearing the water sports jacket, your survival chances can be increased.

But when your jacket is damaged or contains some holes, you can get drowned.

9. How long can a person survive in the water while wearing a water sports life vest?

Confidence and perfect training are the keys to becoming a successful water sportsperson.

If the player does not panic and stays calm, he can survive and keep floating with a water sports life vest for at least three days.

His water sports life vest must be in an excellent state for this time limit to work.

Other minor or significant damages can reduce this time.

Even a minor puncture might get him under unfavorable circumstances.

However, wearing a life vest can be useful since it can assist you in reaching the shore.

The person can remain afloat and safe until he gains enough energy to swim again.

10. How well should a water sports life vest fit?

  • A water sports life jacket should neither be too loose nor suffocated.
  • The size of the vest must be perfect for the user wearing it
  • It should be available in the appropriate size for the chest and neck
  • It should be completely waterproof and prevent the entry of water
  • The user must have the ability to move the hands or feet with full access
  • It should allow you to enjoy all water games

11. What are the benefits of using a water sports life vest?

The water sports life vests are standard personal floatation devices.

They have the following advantages.

Low maintenance:

The water sports life vests do not require any high maintenance.

If it is not in use even for a long time, they require a clean and dry storage place.

Life jackets need to be adequately dried in the sunlight.

When you store them, make sure to keep them away from moisture and water.

It can lose its properties just because of the presence of a single drop of water.


Another crucial thing in a water sports life vest is its buoyancy.

It can enable you to float on the water surface without any problem.

The water sports life vests are now available with the natural property to float on water.

They get inflated when you step into the water to give you complete protection against any danger.

You have to wear it in a described way to get the maximum floatation.

Extended Usage:

The water sports life vests have a versatile range of use.

Water sports players and other people can use them for many different purposes.

They are used for a variety of water sports.

They are used for a wide range of water games and activities

After purchasing a high-quality water sports vest, you can enjoy all types of water activities

12. Are there any disadvantages of using a water sports life vest?

Yes, there are some disadvantages of wearing water sports life vests. Here are some of them.


It can be responsible for many problems such as sweating or skin irritation.

Then thick material used in it can cause you a heart attack. If the material is of low quality, it can be more problematic.


These jackets can be inappropriate for some users during the hot weather because they can not let your body breathe on its own.

So, there can be pretty warm, and some people might not like it.

High price:

One of the most significant disadvantages is that the initial cost of the life vest is very high.

It can be a costly thing to invest your money.

A life vest is just a luxury for many people, so they avoid spending much money on it.

However, water sports life vests are necessary for people playing in the water.

Moreover, if you forget to dry it out completely and some water-logging occurs, it might get wasted.

13. Is a water sports life vest able to keep an unconscious person afloat on the surface of the water?

Yes, a life vest can keep the person on the surface of the water, thereby making his survival and rescue easy.

If, for any reason, the person becomes pressured and might also get panicked.

The life vest has special buoyancy aid to keep a person on the water surface.

The water sports vest can change the body’s position to keep him safe.

It can help indicate an unconscious person to the people on the shore or the boat.

Figure 7 An Unconscious Person Afloat wearing Life Vest
Figure 7: An Unconscious Person Afloat wearing Life Vest

14. How does one get to know if his water sports life vest has expired?

Water sports life vests never become outdated.

They are not available with any expiry date.

A life vest is regarded as a special accessory that withstands long without expiring if maintained and checked correctly.

The water sports life vests never stop working, but specific changes might suppress their function if used repeatedly.

The materials of the water sports vest start losing their properties after the expiration date, thereby decreasing the buoyancy.

Figure 8 An Expired Watersport Life Vest
Figure 8: An Expired Watersport Life Vest

15. What are the maintenance strategies of a water sports life vest?

The water sports life vests are a straightforward personal floatation device to maintain.

They do not require very high maintenance; instead, they can be kept in excellent condition even at low maintenance.

They do not demand proper care or extra time even when they are not used.

The only thing needed to maintain a water sports life vest is to be entirely and correctly dried out in the sun before storage.

The user should be able enough to maintain the temperature of the vest. Furthermore, he must take care that no moisture should enter the vest. He can do this by keeping it in the molds.

They do not require any high maintenance. Just keep a check on any wear and tear or puncture in the water sports life vest.

Figure 9 A Properly Maintained Life Vest
Figure 9: A Properly Maintained Life Vest

16. After how long should a water sports life vest be replaced?

You don’t have to replace the sports vest with any other accessory.

However, you can take account of the expiry date if the materials start falling off.

The user should replace the life vest immediately if they feel uncomfortable when wearing the jacket.

However, many other factors can impact the activity of the water sports jacket.

In addition to this, the vest will stop working if it traps water droplets into it.

Check for any leakage, cuts, bruises, or molds in it; then, it can be the perfect time to replace it at the moment.

All these problems are more than enough to make your mind replace the sports water vest.

17. Can a water sports life vest get molds? How to remove them?

Molds and mildews often appear on the life vests.

This is pure because of the lack of care and attention towards proper maintenance.

If the life vests are not appropriately dried before being stored for a long time, the water logging might cause algae or molds to grow onto them.

Mold on the life vest might irritate the skin, and they are not suitable for use.

In the long term, the molded life vests expire quickly.

Anyone can easily wash it with a small amount of water.

When washing the vest, make sure that all spores are removed from it and dried completely.

You can also leave the vest in the water for almost 36 hours.

In addition to this, you can also use a high-quality brush to remove the dust particles.

Cleaning solutions can also be used in the water. Add about 500ml of cleaning solution.

Figure 10 Molded Watersports Life Vest
Figure 10: Molded Watersports Life Vest

18. Is weight the standard for buying a water sports life vest?

No, a water sports life vest never works according to the user’s weight.

It has no relation with the weight of the user.

It adds more pounds to the total weight of the jacket

YOU must select the life vest according to the most appropriate size of your fitting

It should enable you to move your body parts without getting uncomfortable

19. How does a water sports life vest keep us safe while in water?

It can prevent you from drowning during skiing, kayaking, or swimming.

You can play any water sports in a place that must be safe for the structure of the vest.

Make sure to be cautious about your water body vest when you enter the big water bodies.

Children must be cared for when in water bodies when comes to children.

The person wearing the jacket must keep his organs out of the water

So, they remain safe even when enjoying water bodies in the water

It decreases the chances of drowning when you’re on the water devices like boats or kayaks.

Figure 11 Watersports Life Vest While Kayaking
Figure 11: Watersports Life Vest While Kayaking