Life Jacket Light

Our life jacket lights are SOLAS approved, with CCS and EC certificates. It can make you visible in water as great a segment of the upper hemisphere as is practicable when attached to the life jackets.

Life jacket lights are provided with a manually operated switch, and flash at a rate of not less than 50 flashes and not more than 70 flashes per minunite with an effective luminous intensity of at least 0.75 cd.

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Life Jacket Light

Life Jacket Light Models

life jacket light YDL12 EX

Explosion Proof Life Jacket Light YDL12-Ex


Manual Switch Life Vest Light RSYD-A


Water Automatic Life Jacket Light RSYD-A1

Manual & Automatic Life Vest Light RSYD-A2

Life Jacket Light – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for an appropriate gadget to save your life when you are conscious or unconscious while in water?

You have landed at the right place. This article reveals life jacket lights, mainly if you have young children on the board or swimmers who don’t know much.

The life jacket light possesses a powerful LED. That’s why it is so strong that it can survive in water.

In Today’s feature, you will be able to learn all about foam life jacket, all of its kinds, the material it is made up of, its advantages, its feature, and everything else you might want to know about them.

So, let’s get into it!

1. What Is Life Jacket Light?

The life jacket light is a safety light attached to the life jacket. When you are in the water, it automatically turns on, and then you can turn it off manually or automatically.

The lightness of the life jacket is beneficial to you when you are in the water. It enables you to see over and under the water.

Life jacket lights offer excellent battery performance, so this Light proves to benefit swimming or sailing greatly.

In an accidental situation, you may rescue yourself, or call a rescue team with the help of life jacket lights.

Life jacket light is highly durable as it possesses a powerful LED. Furthermore, the battery unit is replaceable. In case it is damaged, replace it with safety lights.

Figure 1 What is Life Jacket Light

Figure 1: What is Life Jacket Light?

2. What Does Life Jacket Light Do?

Life jackets are a source of a safe life in water. The life jacket light is an added benefit that enables you to see in the dark.

For instance, if you have caught up in an accident at night, life jacket light helps you stay safe. You can see around and inside the water. Also, the light may help the rescue teams to reach up to you.

You can wear a life jacket with light as it is lightweight. Life jacket lights are crucial when surfing, swimming, fishing, or whatever you want to do inside the sea.

The life jacket light illuminates automatically, representing that they are accommodating in watching everything in the water. So you should attach a safety light to the lifejacket while swimming.

While diving deep into the water, it gets dark ultimately, and you feel as if you could not see anything inside the water; this condition is the source of any obstruction while swimming.

So while swimming you must carry safety lights, these lights make everything visible inside the sea.

Figure 2 Light in Life Jacket

Figure 2: Light in Life Jackets

3. How to Activate Life Jacket Lights?

For an easy use life jacket, lights have been installed outside. These safety lights are the machines that work for them. The life jacket lights come with a switch; this switch aids in turning on or off the Light.

Life jacket light can work speedily when floating on water. It opens and closes automatically.

Some life jacket lights are self-automated, while others are turned on or shut off in the water.

4. What Are the Different Ways in Which Life Jacket Light Facilitates Wearer?

The lightness of the life jacket is beneficial to you when you are diving in the water. All of a sudden, everything becomes visible in the sea or the water with the aid of this safety light.

  • This safety light protects you from drowning as you can swiftly see anything that hinders you while getting deep into the water with this Light.
  • The life jacket light comprises an aluminum battery unit, which is non-corrosive. This aluminum battery unit cannot react with any moisture when immersed in water.
  • The life jacket lights possess a water switch. It switches on and off automatically when immersed in water. It is sturdy and safe to use due to the powerful battery unit.
  • Alkaline batteries are waterproof and easy to use.
  • The water turns on the safety light’s sensor. When placed in water, the sensor lights up, and then it is used appropriately.

5. Are There Any Lights Different Types of on Life Jacket?

They are explained below:

  • Buoyant by nature – Provides softening without the need to apply anything. The most popular, most reliable type, although it can be many.
  • Inflatable – This type has a room full of air. This can be automatic or will need to be completed by hand. No one under the age of 16 should use this type. It is very complex but needs to be checked regularly and is not designed for non-swimmers.
  • Hybrid – Contains foam and material and spray room. Very rare. It is considered reliable, but it is expensive and needs to be checked regularly.
Figure 3 Types of Life Jackets

Figure 3: Types of Life Jackets

6. How to Choose a Good Life Jacket Light?

The spare capacity of the life jacket should be 0.75 cd. The life jacket lights should have a very efficient power source that keeps Light in the Light easily.

The battery of the safety lights should be alkaline to function correctly. These lights should have a manual switch. The life jacket lamp must possess a speed of approximately 50 seconds per minute.

7. Where Can You Find a Good Quality Life Jacket Light?

When it comes to the life jacket light, you can find many best manufacturers in China. Their main concern is to concentrate on Marine Safety which is why they provide the finest safety lights in the world.

These are approved manufacturers, and they give all services to companies. You can promptly visit their page of life jacket light to check the products. The details and descriptions of all products are easily accessible.

You can see the images and prices of the product and feasibly purchase these products with no difficulty.

Figure 4 Good Quality Life Jacket

Figure 4: Good Quality Life Jacket

8. What Is Life Jacket Light Made Up of?

The Light sits on a 23cm top of an antenna which prides itself on the person in the water and exploits the inflation of the life jacket. The light’s sensor is activated by water but also has a turn-on/off the machine.

Just the lightness of a compact health jacket to be seen everywhere, weighing only 37g (1.3oz), indicates it gives additional weight to your jacket.

Pack on the inner side of the health jacket on the similar side as the mouth tube for inflation and whistle, not visible close to the life jacket cover’s shape.

Light contains a Lithium-Ion cell battery. These life jacket lights are SOLAS-approved and are up to the ISO 12402-8 standards.

The life jacket LED light can work for 10 hours. For your convenience, the life jacket light has a built in indicator. It shows the time span of the light.

Therefore, you can trust the life jacket, see in the dark, and calculate the timing while in water. The 360-degree elevated visibility enhances the chance of night rescue.

Figure 5 Life Jacket Light

Figure 5: Life Jacket Light

9. Are There Any Weight Limitations Related to Life Jacket Light?

The size and weight of the life jacket light varies. However, the light size and weight is considerably light and can easily fit into the jacket.

For example, the size of a W4A life jacket lamp is 61×29.9×17.2mm. Its weight is 42 grams. Similarly, some life jacket lights weigh only 14 grams.

The purpose of keeping it lightweight is to provide more convenience and comfort for the wearer.

10. What More Equipment Do You Need with Life Jacket Light?

Every boat must have the following safety features:

  • Life jackets
  • General equipment (fire extinguishers, firefighters, anchors, ropes, etc.)
  • GPS
  • VHF radio
  • Through Hulls (aka Thru Hulls)

11. What Are the Essential Features of Life Jacket Light?

The unique features of the life jacket Lights are as follow:

  • The spare capacity of the life jacket should be 0.75 cd.
  • The Light is attached to the exterior of the life jacket.
  • The life jacket light must be manufactured from stainless steel to make sure that when you are inside the water, it does not come in contact with water.

The jackets of the life jacket should have a very efficient power source that keeps Light in the Light easily.

To save your life, life jacket light may play a vital role. It can be helpful if you use it for adults and kids when traveling by boat or swimming.

The battery must be alkaline to function correctly. The life jacket lights must carry a manual switch.

The easy installation makes the life jacket light popular. The primary consideration while installing the light is its appropriate location. Visibility is the primary purpose of life-saving light. Therefore, there should not be an obstacle between the light.

A good life jacket light possesses a speed of 50 seconds per minute.

Before using the jacket, ensure that the light is in working condition. Check its expiration date, battery, and battery life, especially when using it after a long time.

12. How to Set Up Lights in Life Jackets?

It is easy to add Light to life jackets. It is a kind of safety light, so it is not that vital. They are the machines of your choice in safety jackets.

If you need more safety, you can attach safety lights with SOLAS life jackets to feasibly swim in the water. It protects us from drowning or even from the threat of it.

You must follow these steps for adding light to your life jacket:

  • To develop a hole in the safety jacket, use a sharp tool approximately 85mm deep.
  • You must make a hole at the outer side of the life jacket.
  • It is mandatory to fix the light properly. There should not be an obstacle in the way of light.
  • In the light hole, slightly push and press the housing assembly.
  • After that, install the light into the housing.
  • The sensor track is connected to the end of the life jacket.
  • Make sure that you insert the sensor correctly during installation so that while you are swimming, the sensor is immersed in the water.
  • Life jacket light turns on automatically when it gets in contact with water.

Once the installation process is finished, it is time to check the light. Dip the light into the water to see if it functions adequately by turning it on automatically.

If you notice any rust in the Light after prolonged use, substitute the battery unit of the light with a new one to be more efficient and safe to use.

13. Is Life Jacket with Lights Safe Enough to Use?

Life jacket with safety lights has confirmed to be useful in quite some conditions; a few of them are mentioned here:

  • When it is covered with bad water.
  • When you sink in unexpectedly difficult sea conditions.
  • When thrown from a boat because of a collision.
  • When damaged by rocks or underwater objects.
  • When unconscious from carbon monoxide smoke.
  • When thrown into cold water.
  • If you get lost while fishing.
  • There you cannot swim because of heavy or water-soaked clothes.

14. How Far Can You See with Life Jacket Lights?

The range of life jacket light is outstanding as you can effortlessly see great distances by turning on the safety lights inside the water.

The range of the light depends on the placement of the light on the life jacket. Adequately placed lights help you to see farther than improper placement.

Visibility and efficiency also depends on the power of the light. If you own a strong light of 0.75cd, it is very beneficial to look into or above the water.

Figure 6 Range of Life Jacket Light

Figure 6: Range of Lights of life jacket

15. Is Life Jacket Light suitable for kids?

Yes, they are suitable for kids.

To keep your kids safer, it is recommended to install lights on their life jackets. These lightweight lights are easy to carry and they protect the swimmer from drowning in the sea.

Life jacket lights are very vital for both children and adults. You can simply utilize these lights while sailing, fishing, and swimming.

For your convenience, these lights are easily available and affordable for everyone.

Figure 7 Life Jacket with light for kids

Figure 7: Life Jackets with Light for kids

16. Is there any risk of corrosion or rusting?

The life jackets light are safety lamps. These lights are proven to aid in protecting lives and defend us from drowning.

The safety light is prepared using alkaline and aluminum batteries. These are waterproof and avoid radiation from rusting.

The alkaline batteries are moisture resistant and do not react or harm while in water. However, after every use you must properly clean your jacket and light.

Before storing the jacket, you must check its condition and also the light’s condition. In case, you observe any damage or low battery power, replace it immediately, before the next use.

Figure 8 Life Jacket Light without Corrosion or Rust

Figure 8: Life Jackets Light without Corrosion or Rusting

17. What Different Colors are offered in life jacket light?

The life jacket’s color varies from day Today. Several companies have produced various types and colors of these jackets, making them more versatile as compared to others.

Life jacket’s lights come in various colors. Orange life jacket lamps, life jackets, white coat jackets, green jackets, and yellow life jacket jackets are offered in the market.

However, numerous safety lights manufacturers make various types of lamps in different colors.

Different lights create a center of attention for customers, and consumers wish to purchase new colored lights in search of a different feel.

Figure 9 Life Jacket Light in Different Colors

Figure 9: Life Jackets light in Different Colors

18. How to maintain lights of life jacket?

Like every battery-powered or electric-powered device, life jacket lights also need maintenance after a while. Also, proper cleaning is required after every use.

Furthermore, keep a regular check of the lights and their battery.

If it is not installed properly and there is a problem with it, substitute the battery unit of the safety light with a new one to give better results.

After checking, be sure to repackage the jacket properly and attach the safety lights in an accurate position.

Keep these safety lights in a dry place. If you are not using these life jackets, avoid their contact with any of the most hazardous moisture in the jackets of life jackets.

These safety lights are composed of waterproof material; that’s why they cannot interact with moisture when it touches moisture.

19. What is the battery timing of the life jacket light?

The life jacket light’s battery life depends on the material used in that battery. The light batteries of the life jacket are manufactured from alkaline material to equal their battery life.

The life jackets lamps possess a battery life of at least 8 hours. Its length is analogous to that of alkaline batteries. Some lamps are made of lithium batteries.

The durability of the life jacket light is also based on the intensity of the life jacket lamp. The high battery performance of life jackets light is due to its power of 0.75cd.

The safety lights do not work well if the minimum power reaches 0.75cd, and they expire earlier than other lamps.

20. What is the intensity of the life jacket light?

The light capacity is an important aspect of the life jacket lamp because durability is based on the strength of the lights of a life jacket.

Life jacket lights are available in variable intensities. The life jacket lights should have a light intensity of 0.75 cd as high power increases the width of the display. Therefore, the brightness of the light of the life jacket is not less than 0.75cd.

The light of the life jacket should have a very efficient power source that keeps Light in the Light easily. High-quality energy sources only store high energy.

21. Define Life Jacket Strobe Light?

A strobe lamp is a type of Light utilized in a stroboscope. This strobe lamp is generally used to produce Light. But the strobe lights are those kinds of life-saving lights when you swim in the water.

You can conveniently see inside the water with the help of strobe lights. It is simply adjustable to health jackets.

Due to the alkaline batteries, life jacket lights are safer and stronger. The length of the life jacket light is less than 8 hours which is great. It helps us to avoid drowning in the face of any unpleasant situations.

Figure 10 A strobe Light

Figure 10: A Strobe Light In Life Jackets

22. Are the life jacket light LEDs?

Yes, life jackets contain LED lights. That’s why their visibility range is high. The light range depends on the LED light you install on your life jacket.

The life jackets with LED lights give you better results than the jackets having regular lights. However, most of the life jacket available in market, have LED lights on them.

23. How often do you need to change/replace the life jacket light?

Life jacket lights are timeless. However, using the light inside the water for prolonged time may result in damaged battery. The life jacket can work perfectly for up to five years.

If you have used your life saving vest multiple times, it is recommended to examine carefully before utilizing it. Also, confirm that it is secure to reuse this life jacket light or not.

If you find its battery is running out, you should definitely replace it with a better substitute.

Usually a life jacket light enjoys a warranty period of 4-5 years. With proper maintenance, cleaning, and storage it may work uninterrupted until its expiration date.

Furthermore, if you are utilizing a life jacket light after a long time then you must test the expiration date of the safety lights.

Before using your life jacket, ensure that the life jacket light is installed properly. Also, keep all the light components protected before every use.