CQIF-150N Auto Inflate Life Jacket

Performance & Features:

The CQIF-150N air chamber shape and color are customized according to the contour of the wearer to create a comfortable and safe fit, the TPU coating makes the bladder stronger, more wear-resistant and better cold resistance while  combine  and providing the maximum personal protect at sea.

The shoulder strap is made of comfortable material, which gives the wearer a very good experience. The adjustable waist belt can firmly protect your waist and back, so as to reduce your fatigue sense and the weight of the back neck of the worker for a long time.


The CQIF-150N auto inflate life jacket is produced according to ISO 12402-3 standard. The product features high strength material, high performance and a lightweight, compact design. The auto inflate life jacket can be used in the ocean, inland waterway navigation, water sports, fishing and hunting. The auto inflate life jacket utilizes a 38g CO2 cartridge to fill the inner air chamber with a manual pull cord or automatic inflator when submerged under water.

The CQIF-150N auto inflate life jacket has an independent air chamber that will inflate within 5 seconds by pulling down on the pull cord. The life vest will keep the user’s head, neck and shoulders above water.

The auto inflate life jacket is equipped with reflective tape, oral inflation tube and a safety rescue whistle. The oral inflation tube can be used to manually inflate the air chamber.

CQIF-150N Auto Inflate Life Jacket Components:

38g CO2 CylinderReflective TapeOral Inflation Tube
Safety WhistleAir ChamberITW Buckle
Auto/Manual InflatorSafe StrapQuick Burst Zipper

Available Colors