CQYD/IX-100N Inflatable PFD Belt

Performance & Features:

CQYD/IX-100N inflatable PFD belt is used for those who are capable of swimming and approaching land, or those who have means to assist in rescue. Effective buoyancy can only be provided when it is fully filled with gas through a cylinder. If you want to re-use it, it must be deflated and replace the CO2 cylinder.


The CQYD/IX-100N inflatable PFD belt is produced according to ISO 12402-5 standard. The product features high strength material, high performance and a lightweight, compact design. The inflatable PFD belt utilizes a 16g CO2 cartridge to fill the inner air chamber with a manual pull cord or submerged in water.

This inflatable PFD belt has an independent air chamber that will inflate within 5 seconds by pulling down on the pull cord. It will keep the user’s head, neck and shoulders above water.

It is equipped with reflective tape, oral inflation tube and a safety rescue whistle. The oral inflation tube can be used to manually inflate the air chamber.

CQYD/IX-100N inflatable PFD belt Components:

24g CO2 CylinderReflective TapeOral Inflation Tube
Safety WhistleAir ChamberPlastic Buckle
Manual or Auto InflatorSafe StrapVelcro Tape

Available Colors